The Hawaiian Shirt Trend Makes a Comeback


People would’ve laughed if anyone predicted the Hawaiian shirt trend would be a thing in 2016

By now we’ve learned that fashion fads or trends make full circles. But who would’ve guessed that these Hawaiian shirts that were once upon a time, considered tacky are now back in style? Just like a lot of trends, the Hawaiian shirt has gotten a modern upgrade.

How to Rock the Hawaiian Shirt Trend

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It would be no surprise that Harry Styles was one of the first celebs seen rocking this trend. Aside from his laidback attitude, here are some tips on how to rock this trend:

1. Skip shirts that are stiff and boxy. Look for one with a trim fit in a softer fabric. It will sit better on the body.

2. An air tie (buttoned all the way up) keeps the look more social/smart casual. Keeping a couple buttons undone is more relaxed and edgy. Layering it opened with a tee underneath breaks up the print and also works well for the beach.


3. Avoid looking like an uncool dad (sorry) or a tourist (sorry) by skipping the cargo shorts with giant pockets. Try a pair of skinny jeans- ripped ones give it a more rock ‘n’ roll feel. Or try a pair of chinos, it will add sophistication to the look.

4. Big wild prints work. What doesn’t work is when the colour palette is all over the place. You’ll notice that modern Hawaiian shirts don’t overdo the tiki/vacation theme.

5. You can go untucked or tucked. Again it depends on the look you’re going for. If you go tucked, wear a belt.

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