Happy Pride 2010!

It’s only fitting I’d make a post on this, considering I turned 30 alongside Pride!

Pride Toronto is celebrating its 30th year, promoting diversity and equality in Canada.

Starting June 25th until July 4th, you can expect to see a lot of the events really kick it up a notch on Wednesday, June 30th.

The week and weekend is full of great free events, catered to everyone. Expect to see some amazing free concerts from Dragonette, Cindy Lauper, and a ton of other great musicians and performance artists. You can also catch many shows with drag queens, comedians, and both local and international musical talent.

Pride week in Toronto is the largest in North America and one of the biggest worldwide. One of the main event planners are Prism Events – the famous Aqua Party is back this Saturday, complete with waterguns and bathing suits, and located conveniently downtown. On the roster for the week from Prism are Ultra Nate, Amannda, Peter Rauhofer, DJ Tony Moran, Suzanne Palmer, and the international performance artist, Lena Love.

The parties continue with the return of the Babylon Party, Revival, and new entries, titled the Epic Weekend, that feature beach ball at Hammond’s Point and a foam party.

See if you can get up onto one of the roofs of Yonge St – not only is it a great spot to watch the parade, but it’s the best place to soak people on the streets! Also, one of the best places to experience Pride is at one of the amazing beer gardens, featuring local DJs and performances artists. Word of advice: lineups get very long, so go early. But don’t leave once you’re in.

You can view all of the events for Pride on the Pride Toronto website.

Gotstyle is looking forward to celebrate with everyone – have a safe and happy pride!

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