Everything You Need to Know About Hamilton Watches

One of the most sentimental things a man can own is a watch. A quality watch can last decades.

Hamilton watches first started to make watches for the American railroad in 1892 so that the trains would start arriving on time.

They were also asked to create watches for the very first American airmail postal service and in 1942, they stopped all consumer production to create watches for the army as part of their uniform. They produced a total of one million timepieces. This started their relationship with the army and their “Khaki Collection”. To add to their list of firsts, they created the first electric watch and LED digital watch.

first article of digital watch hamilton watches

An article featuring the first digital watch

Elvis Presley wore Hamilton watches’ Venture style in the film Blue Hawaii in 1961. Since then, they have provided watches for Hollywood movies such as Lethal Weapon 4, Fight Club, Independence Day, Men in Black, and more.

American Spirit. Swiss Precision.

Not only does Hamilton have a great history, the watches are expertly made in Switzerland. They are constantly upgrading and on the leading front of innovation. Watches come in two movements, quartz and automatic. Quartz means that it is battery powered, and needs replacing when it runs out. Automatic watches power themselves by winding up with every wrist movement.

Every watch has a two-year international warranty so it can be repaired anywhere in the world. Straps can be purchased separately and every watch’s strap is interchangeable. The watch face is made out of sapphire crystal which is so scratch-resistant that only a diamond can scruff it up.

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