Gotstyle's Top 5 Men's Style Resolutions For 2014

You’ve recommitted yourself to the gym, a healthier lifestyle, bought yourself a juicer, given up alcohol, all in the name of a brighter 2014. So why not add some style resolutions to that list and really step it up a notch?

2013 saw the rise and fall of many trends and styles, some great, some questionable and some down right awful. Which is why we’ve put together a list of our top style resolutions to help guide you to greener pastures this year. Follow these fundamentals and you’ll be on track to having the most stylish year ever.


Cleand Up Shop

Clean Up Shop

Step one to a healthy and stylish 2014 is to purge all the crap you’ve been hoarding from yesteryears. Those raggedy pit stained tees, toss ’em! Those sad lifeless dress shirts with the permanent collar stains, burn them! How about those salt stained dress shoes that were once black but aren’t, burry them! Last but not least, if you can’t fit into it you need to let it go!

Marry A Tailor

Marry A Tailor

Well not literally, but the secret weapon behind any and all well dress men is their tailor. No more missing buttons, sloppy hems, boxy silhouettes, make today the day that you take all your ill fitted pants, blazers, shirts and coats to your tailor and get them fixed. Oh and it wouldn’t hurt to get a few of those pieces dry cleaned at the same time.



It would seem that through 2013 the words “transitional wear” went from being a good thing to becoming the biggest fashion conundrum. The idea of having pieces in your wardrobe that allow you to transition from one social engagement to another is undoubtedly a good thing, however that doesn’t imply or suggest that EVERYTHING in your wardrobe should be multifunctional.

Compartmentalizing your closet for different occasions while including a few transitional pieces is key to a well balanced wardrobe. Investing in a diverse wardrobe will not only make you look a million times better but also help increase the lifespan of your garments, while keeping them looking fresh and new.

back to basics

Back To Basics

No matter how many trends come and go, or how big or small your wardrobe gets, investing and re-investing in key basics is a must. As they say, the devil is in the details and a wardrobe is only as good as its foundation. Update your suits and blazers, invest in some fresh denim and chinos, and who can forget those classic cardigans, tees & henleys. We also recommend taking the time to re-evaluate your accessories. Don’t forget about your shoes, socks, belts and ties. They need loving too.

Own Your Style

Own Your Style

2013 really saw the rise and fall of some incredibly “creative” styles and as with most fads took along some casualties. On that note, there is absolutely nothing wrong with jumping on the “trend” train for as long as you “own” it. The proverbial cliche “fashion changes but style endures” only highlights half the equation. Owning your style speaks to your attitude when dressing a particular way and is the fundamental building block behind some of our favourite style icons. Understanding your personality, body and attitude is the real key behind having incredible style.

Don’t copy the likes of Tom Ford, Kanye, Pharrell, and Nick Wooster if you don’t possess the attitude and confidence to carry off their styles. Instead, take elements of things you like and adapt them to your own comfort level. You’ll feel better and trust us when we say that you’ll look way better too.

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