GOTstyle MANual: Ticket Pocket

Ticket Pocket (n.): Is a small pocket (jetted or flapped) on the outside of a suit jacket traditionally located above the right main pocket.

Traditionally, a distinctly British detail, the ticket pocket owes most of its popularity to the early days of train travel in the UK. As suggested by many historical references many city workers and other commuters needed a pocket that provided easy access to their train tickets- seems logical enough to want a ticket pocket to hold your ticket. However, upon further investigation and a few google searches later we discovered that the ticket pocket actually predates this popular myth.

Initially found on riding jackets, the “ticket pocket” served as an exterior cash pocket, allowing equestrians easy access to their money at tolls without unbuttoning their jackets. “Because of this, they were found on sturdy country suits at first, and only migrated towards urban environs when the railways built up enough (figurative) steam to become a staple of everyday life.” – Gilt

Far removed from its ancestry, today the ticket pocket predominantly serves as a stylistic detail to a suit or sportcoat and signals a certain air of quality and craftsmanship. That’s not to suggest that it doesn’t have a practical application, granted no one totes around “tickets” any more but we do however have business cards. Once opened, your ticket pocket can now be used as a functional card-pocket, giving you easy access to your cards at any social or corporate networking event.

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