Gotstyle Gives: Giving Back to the Global Community

With a second location, Video Shopping, and Gotstyle Woman all being launched in 2012, it’s safe to say that we’ve had an awesome year. We’re spreading our good fortunes and freedoms globally, with Gotstyle Gives.

Shop at Gotstyle Distillery between December 1st and 24th, and 10% of every purchase will go towards three charities: Kols, Half the Sky Movement, and Falling Whistles. On top of that 10%, both Kols and Falling Whistles have special products in store that give even more back to the global community.

Personal donations can also be made at both locations on your behalf.

Kols: Toques 4 Books
Every Kols toque you purchase at Gotstyle Distillery will give 4 books to children’s education programs in India. Kols purchases books from local publishers, and donates them to Non Government Organizations (NGOs) in Kolkata, India.

Half the Sky Movement: Women’s and children’s programs worldwide.
Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide, through video, website, games, blogs, and educational tools to raise awareness of women’s issues and provide solutions to empower women.

Falling Whistles: Be a whistleblower for peace.
Wear the whistle as a symbol of protest. Proceeds support peace, advocacy, and rehabilitation in war-torn Congo, especially for child soldiers and abused children. The goal is to end the world’s deadliest war.

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