Gotstyle Featured on Mrketplace

Menswear has been changing for awhile, both the way men dress and how we talk to men about style. Mrketplace looked into this with an article focusing on how young guys are buying suits.

We’re featured in the article with Melissa sharing her thoughts on young men and suits:

“Gotstyle also has a very active social media campaign: updating their blog and Facebook page daily, uploading photos to Instagram, tweeting, using Shopcaster and SEO strategies. "You name it, we're on it," says Austria. "We're also creating original 'How to Buy a Suit' videos. Educating consumers is important. We want him to understand the difference between fused, half canvas and full canvas, thread count and construction." Austria says tailored clothing has been strong for the past few years mostly because they took a stand and brought in modern-fit suits early on. "The sweet spot for us is between $595 and $895, but we even brought in suits at $395 for the really young guys who are still growing. We've sold suits to 13 year olds who want a cool look for their 8th grade prom. These young guys are smart enough to know not to rent a boxy tuxedo!"

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