Gotstyle Advice on DailyXY: Wearing Black with Brown

Charlotte, our Operations Manager, sat down with DailyXY to set the record straight on wearing black with brown. Mixing black with brown isn’t for amateurs, as Charlotte says; but it can be done. Here’s the tips she offered to DailyXY readers:

Colour Block
Keep brown on top and black on bottom. Try a brown knit sweater, shirt and tie combo paired with black denim, belt and shoes (yes, your belt and shoes still have to match).

Use Variations
Experiment with different shades of black and brown to achieve your desired look. A dark, charcoal grey looks great with chocolate brown. Jet black can be complimented with a lighter hue such as camel.

Splash Colour
Punches of jewel tone colours (think red, royal blue and purple) add key focal points of brightness. Avoid earth tones like green and olive or you run the risk of coming off a tad drab.

Read the full article on DailyXY here.

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