What to wear on a date

Dating is hard, especially when there's a pandemic happening and we're in and out of lockdowns. Online dating is rising with almost every age bracket. With lockdown restrictions lifting, you're going to need to step up your style game to 1, get your dating profile noticed, and 2, look good on your first virtual or in person date! Here are some tips on what to wear for your dating profile and/or first date. 

Wear colour

Wear some colour

In order to grab someones attention before they swipe away is to wear some colour. Yes, the occasional baby, and dog pics help but they're just taking away the attention from you. Psychologically, colour can transition someones mood from sad to happy, and making someone happy when they look at your photo already puts you ahead of others. A bright and light colour can give the illusion of a more fun, playful, and youthful energy, whereas cool tones and dark colours such as, navy and burgundy, add a bit of mystery and maturity to your look. 

Show some cleavage! 

Women are almost always expected to show some skin and this rule applies for men as well. Studies have shown that women like to see a little bit of neck and chest on their date. So when wearing a button up or polo, leave about 3 buttons undone. If you button it up all the way, you will look like you're going to a job interview rather than a date. To add to your look, make sure you're also spraying some cologne on that neck as well.

Keep it simple

Yes we said wear colour, but don't wear the whole rainbow! If you're going to wear a pattern make sure it's subtle, and not too visually loud. A pattern or colour is a nod to your personality, not your whole identity. So don't wear a shirt that has prints of Ferrari's all over them, maybe go for a shirt that has subtle and micro patterns that can be distinguished when someone is close to you. It's almost like they're being hypnotized to get closer to you ...a great moment to sneak in a kiss. Save the more eclectic patterns for the third or fourth date. 

     We hope that these tips can help you score a date or even make a home run. Make sure your style is a representation of you to help make your dating profile noticeable and stand out.

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