Father's Day at Gotstyle: Your Best Gift Ideas

Weber cufflinks $65.

The Gotstyle dad has many years of style under his belt. He’s got everything, or almost everything. But there’s always something he wants. This year, give your dad something young and fresh. We’ve got a gift for dads of every age and style – the backyard barbecue dads, the hard working dads, and every one in between. Here’s our Father’s Day gift idea roundup.

Cuffwear cufflinks $65.

Cufflinks have always been the go-to staple for dad, except most dads get the usual onyx squares. Add some personality to the moment without going overboard with these cufflinks by Cuffwear.

Goorin Bros hats $125-$160.

Summer hats always make a great gift, especially if your dad takes winter vacations. On top of looking good, it’ll protect him from the sun.

Fahlgren ties $95.

More ties are always a welcome addition to any father’s wardrobe. Have a colourful dad? Fahlgren will satisfy his taste, and brighten up every Monday morning. Or Thursday evening. If he’s “that” kind of dad”.

A. Christensen bowties $95.

A. Christensen knit bowties $95.

Is your father the social type? If so, a bowtie is an easy way to gift him something great this Sunday. A. Christensen bowties come in fun colours and patterns, and in solid knits.

Pink shirts: Left: Strellson tie $95, Gotstyle gingham shirt $165. Centre: Altea $115, Strellson shirt $150. Right: Ted Baker tie $95, Eterna shirt $150.

Blue shirts: Left: Altea tie $115, Gotstyle shirt $165. Centre: Altea tie $115, Eterna shirt $165. Right: Strellson tie $95, Gotstyle shirt $165.

Grey shirts: Left: Ted Baker tie $95, Strellson shirt $165. Centre: Strellson tie $95, Gotstyle shirt $165. Right: Ted Baker tie $95, Strellson check shirt $140.

Green shirts: Left: Strellson tie $95, Strellson shirt $165. Centre: Altea tie $115, Stenstroms $250. Right: Altea tie $115, Gotsyle shirt $165.

You can never go wrong with a good quality shirt. Only two questions arise: 1) what size, and 2) what colour? Well, if you get the opportunity to sneak into his closet to check (make sure you grab the shirt that fits him best), you’re left with four great colour choices that are dad friendly: blue, pink, grey, and green. Above we’ve listed some popular brands to choose from Strellson, Eterna, Stenstroms, and Gotstyle shirts with ties from Strellson, Ted Baker, and Altea.

Ted Baker beach towel & swim trunks $135.

With summer in full swing, Pops is going to need to get his beachwear. Hit two birds with one thoughtful stone, give him this Ted Baker beach towel and swim trunks.

Psycho Bunny polos $85.

Your father most likely has a golf shirt with a crocodile on it nestled somewhere deep (or up front) in his closet. Lets give him a subtle rebrand and put him in a modern fitting polo with a psychopathic bunny on it.

Ted Baker cufflinks and tie bar $85-$98 each.

Well, we did say cufflinks were an easy gift for dad. Ted Baker has a different style of cufflink and tie bar, breaking away from the conventional mold. Does that sound like dad? If so, this is for him.

Feud natural leather bag $350, John Varvatos bag $550, Sandqvist briefcase $450.

Nothing completes a gentleman’s look better than the perfect bag, whether it’s a natural leather dufflebag or a modern briefcase. We’re sure one of these bags by Feud, John Varvatos, and Sandqvist will put a smile on his face. Or a confirming nod.

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