Extreme Couch Surfing Clothes

Superbowl is around the corner, it’s prime hockey season, and basketball is back. You know what that means: it’s time to bunker down for some serious couch time.

Even if you’re at your sloth best, you don’t have to look like a total slob. Couchwear that looks good has its advantages: your other half won’t nag you as much and you’ll look decent for surprise ex-drop-ins or run-ins with the hottie neighbour during a chip run.

My favourite, Gypsy 05 (above) was launched by a brother and sister team. They use super soft and airy fabrics, exclusive dye techniques, all made in a solar powered LA studio. Reversible knit lounge pants and hoodies are perfect for couch surfing and way better than this (see eye-sore on the right):

Other great couch surfing ideas:

  • Ted Baker cozy fleece zip up in navy, $250
  • Oats cashmere hoodie in charcoal and blue, $295 (perfect for cuddling on the couch as well either by yourself or with someone else!)
  • John Varvatos knit hoodie in black, $298

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