Dress To Kill With 19 Crimes & Gotstyle

19 Crimes comes to us from one of the oldest and most storied wineries in Australia, Bailey's of Glenrowan. It was established in 1870, by Richard Baileya former shop keep who supplied local gold miners. As the gold rush dried up, the resilient Bailey family turned to farming and established one of the region's first vineyards in the harsh, unforgiving Victoria countryside.Today, Bailey's stands among Australia's finest wineries. It's here, through a combination of old-world techniques and contemporary skills that 19 Crimes is proudly produced.

Bailey's also has its share of criminal history. It was in 1880 at Glenrowanjust a short distance from the winerythat notorious bushranger Ned Kelly was finally captured. Stories like Kelly's define the rough and tumble upbringing of Australia. It's from here that the inspiration for 19 Crimes was drawn.



Aside from dressing the cast of this awesome commercial we’ve also teamed up with the 19 Crimes family to offer customers the opportunity to win a $1000 gift card to our store. All you have to do is click on the image below to fill out their ballot.
Dress To Kill with 19 Crimes


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