Don't give another corporate golf shirt!

At Gotstyle we are always looking for creative ways to reach new customers or add some value to a corporate event. Last night, Joa and I went to the Manheim Exotic Highline car auction in Milton, where 600 car dealers from across Ontario (and another 600 dealers online) were bidding for BMWs, Porshes, Range Rovers, Lamborginis and vintage cars.

Working with Manheim, we gave the dealers a tie if they bought 3 cars, and a Made to Meaure shirt if they bought 5 cars, and had a few draws for Made to Measure suits for the top buyers. Manheim was auctioning off 1,000 cars that night – it was very fun listening and watching the auctioneers and seeing the guys drop some big money.

So if you have a corporate event coming up and don’t want to be gifted with another lame-o golf shirt, send me an e-mail at to see what we can do for you.

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