Definition of a Henley


Alternative Apparel, $90

Alternative Apparel, $90

I was just introduced to henley shirts mid last year. I admit, I had no idea what the rest of the staff were talking about when we first received our Alternative Apparel henleys. I tried to play it cool, but when I saw the shirts, I clued in, "Ohhhh, those things!"

Like myself, we still have a lot of people come through the store that have no idea what a henley is. Hopefully this post helps iron the details out (but don't iron these ones).

In hindsight, they're all around us and hardly anybody pays notice. When celebrity style bloggers breakdown a shot per clothing piece, the henley is often skipped. But its inclusion is what separates them from another person who uses a crew or v-neck instead. And they look really good on their own.

Think of it this way: a collared polo shirt can be considered a little formal at times. Remove the collar and you're instantly different in the ocean of golf shirts, and much more casual looking too.

Henley shirts are fashionable yet very masculine—a rugged edge that can be paired with almost anything. Wear it under a blazer or vest (puffy or suit vest), under a rolled-up dress shirt, or even on its own.

True Blood womanizer Ryan Kwanten: Bad-ass in a Henley

NBA All-Star Chris Paul: Vest + Henley

Actor & People Magazine's #1 Bachelor Chace Crawford: Blazer + Henley

Football Icon David Beckham: Dress shirt + Henley

The new organic & distressed Alternative Apparel henley shirts (seen at the top) are $90, solid or striped. The original henley shirts are available for $45 each.

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