Fun First Date Ideas with outfit ideas(for men)

Valentine's day is coming and we wanted to really make sure you are on your dating game. We teamed up with Lyons Elite website here, a matching-making company, to give us 3 first-date ideas that will woo your potential love. To ensure you impress even more, we styled some looks that you could wear for each date idea. So keep scrolling for first-date ideas and what to wear for your first date. 

Finding the perfect first date can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn't have to be! When it comes to first dates, fun is the name of the game - and we've got 3 fantastically entertaining first date ideas for you to try!

Date idea 1 - Arcade

For a memorable night of entertainment, why not head to the arcade? It's an ideal spot for a stress-free and enjoyable first date.

You can play fun games together or against one another like air hockey or Skeeball, while still being able to hold a conversation! If you’re feeling brave, you can even challenge each other to a round of Dance Dance Revolution, which also allows you to see how your competitive streaks compare - someone’s gotta be the champion!! Plus, you can always end the evening with a fun prize for the winner.

The outfit

Date night outfit at the arcade

There are a lot of lights, and vibrant colors at arcades so you might as well want to show off a bit of that personality. A graphic tee is a perfect way to project your character, and add some colors to your outfit. We layered it with a Horst bomber that is not too thick so you can still be active and dodge any zombies during a game. Of course, Paige denim is our go-to pants for this date because they are super stretchy but still look like a classic pair of denim.  

Date night idea 2 - Cooking class

For a more intimate experience, why not try a cooking class together?

Cooking classes are a fun and unique idea for a first date, whether it’s a basic sushi-making class or mastering the art of cupcake decorating! Not only does it give you a chance to get creative in the kitchen, but it also allows you to enjoy delicious food afterward! Plus, it’s a great way to see how your date interacts in a cooking environment and if you can work together to make something delicious.

Date night outfit for cooking class

The outfit  

If you can't paint like Michelangelo you might as well look like the statue of David. if you're worried about getting paint on your outfit then roll the sleeves up to show off some arms. Undo the top 2 buttons to show off some neck and give your date an excuse to come closer and smell your cologne. A patterned shirt is also great because if you do get paint on you, it won't be as noticeable compared with a plain shirt. Ripped denim is great because it adds a bit of edge to your look, and because of the relaxed setting of a painting class, you might as well dress just a tad on the casual cooler side.

Date night idea 3 - Ice skating

And lastly, the classic Rom-Com first date – ice skating!

This is a great way to break the ice (pun intended!) and it can be really fun if you’re both willing to take the plunge. It doesn't matter whether you’re an experienced skater or a novice, or if you're a little wobbly- it's a wonderful excuse to hold hands! You can also make it competitive, and challenge one another to an exciting race or try mastering some enjoyable ice skating moves! Don't be afraid to take risks and fall; nothing forges a stronger connection than shared laughter, especially when it's born from embarrassment.

Although there's nothing wrong with the traditional meet-ups for coffee or dinner, picking a more exciting or unique plan for a first date is a great way to make a lasting impression, and start your potential relationship off on a fun and memorable foot!

 Date night outfit for skating

The outfit

This look is simple and easy, mainly because 80% of your outfit will be a jacket. BUT with this look, there is a pleasant surprise. First, let's start with the pants. A pair of camo print Zanerobe is perfect because it tapers towards the bottom of your leg so you still look stylish and cool with a pair of skates on. They are also great if you got thicker thighs and a bum. Next, wearing a merino wool sweater is a great option because it'll give you the warmth of wool without being as bulky and itchy. Lastly the game changer. This cardinal of Canada jacket is perfect for outdoor dates, not only does it look super classy, warm, and lux, but it's actually 2 jackets in one. Underneath the top coat is a bomber jacket. So if your date is cold you can just give them your outer layer of the jacket to keep them warm, while you're still warm with the inner bomber. With a move like that, you can almost guarantee a second date.

Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

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