Congratulations to our Nokia C7 & Bustle winners!

Its been a wild week of fashion week giveaways, and we’ve chosen our best winners from our fashion-forward customers and readers alike!

• • •

A winner has been chosen for the Bustle‘s LGFW fashion show: we’ve received 18 great spring fashion tips for both men and women, which made it very difficult to choose a winner. Our best submission was from Chris Donkers! He gave us the best spring suggestion:

My must have item for spring is a great-looking slim khaki coloured suit, with a patterned light blue slim-cut shirt. All topped off by my pair of John Varvatos shoes! (purchased at Gotstyle of course!)

• • •

We’ve also chosen four winners for our Nokia C7 giveaway and fashion week event photoshoot!

Jon Siemens
Theresa Kim
John Edgar
Jonny Bunning

Our four winners were chosen based on their excitement and experiences with fashion and photography. Their entries even included power point presentations, PDF packages, personal photos, example photography and compelling background stories!

Here’s a snippet from Jon Siemens’ submission (@fashjon on Twitter, also known as Mr. Drykorn). What an awesome entry!

Congrats to our five winners!

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