COATed in style

     It used to be the shoes, the first thing women checked out when they were checking you out. But now with the supermarket and the sidewalk being the new runway (really the only place you’re being seen), it’s all about the coat. Your coat is the first big statement item people see when you walk into a room, walk down the street, basically as soon as you leave your house.  It really should be one of the most important items in your closet but for most guys it’s an afterthought. 

     I think guys are looking at outerwear the wrong way, instead of thinking it as an utilitarian item (something to keep you warm) outerwear should be considered the finishing piece of your outfit. This piece de resistance will make you stand out in a world of non-descript puffers and easy to ignore grey overcoats.

     A lot of guys just have one coat – usually a puffy down coat that they wear from Nov to April. Of course, it makes sense, you spent a lot of money on it you need to maximize the wears on it. But while the down coat is great for those below minus temperatures, for everyday wear when it’s not freezing, those down coats can be too much, plus most guys read hot to begin with so with everyday wear you’re going to overheat. And let’s not forget that the down coat is not a forgiving coat, unless you are going for a long down coat that falls at or below the knee, you are always going to look like a Michelin man.

Krakatau (outerwear brand from Russia) gives you warmth of down but in a longer and more flattering silhouette. Which you can buy here.

*find the other Krakatau coat and put up on-line

And let’s face it, we live in Canada, we’re not a one coat kind of country. In any given week it goes from minus 2 with rain, to plus 5 with sun to minus 8 and snow and let’s not forget your lifestyle (once the world opens up again) you head into work, go out on a Saturday night, head out on a date night; one coat just doesn’t cut it. 

Broken down into 4 groups: the lightweight, the waterproof, the adulting coat, the statement coat

The Lightweight

Perfect for those days when it’s a little too cold to go sans coat but again not quite down coat weather. Sure you can do the Uniqlo lightweight puffer (hey we admit it is a great price point) but if you want something better than what your 12 year old kid is wearing then try these adult ones instead:

Insultes puffer coat

Coat 1

Down filled in the front and back (where you need protection the most) with a super comfortable and stretch material on the sleeves. What’s great about this jacket is that is a perfect piece to layer as well; wear it under your wool overcoat if you need more warmth. 

If you want a more lux jacket that is a perfect date jacket (way better than that polar fleece zip up you insist on wearing) then look for an adult bomber by Joop in sophisticated fabrics for a smarter vibe. Perfect to finishing touch to any outfit; think with a turtleneck and jeans when you want to impress but not be over dressed. Another look I love with an adult bomber is a denim shirt and knit tie, great alternative to wearing a sport coat. 

Coat 1            Coat 2


The waterproof

Again we’re in Canada, I find even in Toronto we’re starting to get our share of rain in early Fall and Spring and let’s not forget wool gets wet and down gets clumpy. 

Frank is a new line from Amsterdam we are carrying from built on fresh + technical waterproof outerwear (waterproof up to 10,000 mm column pressure). So you can be stylish and stay dry – bonus!

Waterproof jackets from GOTSTYLE

Coat 1.   Coat 2.

The 'adulting' coat

Hey I have nothing against big puffy down coats per see (they do their job of keeping you warm) but when I see guys wear them over a suit it makes me cringe. And really let’s not forget about the rash of down coats that were being stolen from every bar and club on King West (even if you did bring them to coat check). So if it’s not snowing and your not going for a walk in the woods, leave the down coat at home. 

An adult option, the beloved overcoat. Sophisticated, manly and makes you look better. How? The longer lines and trimmer silhouette of a proper fitting overcoat ends up making you looking taller and trimmer. What’s great about an overcoat is that it can do double duty; of course wear it over your suit or wear it when you’re heading out to a formal event but also wear it on the weekend with your joggers and a hoodie. You instantly go from from sloppy to suave. 

We love these Sand and Blue Industry one’s because they have the added inset which is perfect for guys who hate wearing scarves (or keep losing theirs). The inset just helps give you added warmth and protection in your chest (where you need it the most). If you need your coat to go more formal, they easily zip out for. And as for deviating from the oh so basic colors of black and black in an over coat…yes, your coat doesn’t have to match what you are wearing. Again make it the statement piece of your outfit. 

the adulting coats that we have at GOTSTYLE.

Coat 1.            Coat 2

Another figure flattering and style forward coat is this J. Lindberg one:

J.Lindeberg wool coat in tan

The stand up collar really frames your face and helps you stand out. You can see the coat in black and tan here.

The statement coat

Ok so you have said black or grey overcoat, now what? Now it’s time to have some fun with a statement coat that will literally get you stopped on the street whenever you wear it. Go for bold colors in classic styles so even though it’s a statement coat it is also a forever coat:

Camplin are the guys that literally invented the peacoat for the Royal Military army in 1893. We love their classic duffle and peacoat in bold colors. Again great for dress up or down and they’re also treated so they are water resistant.

blue duffle camplin coat and orange double breasted coat

Blue Coat                                                    Orange Coat

Now is also the time to take advantage of fun coats that are on sale:

patterned sale coats from GOTSTYLE


Coat 1      Coat 2