Feeling lost in your closet? Get on track with the Closet Clean Up Program!

Have you spent time staring at your closet, feeling a little lost and seeking direction? Do your friends always tell you that you dress the same way? Do you find yourself buying the same colours and styles, over and over again? Perhaps it’s time to consider a professional Closet Clean Up.

Our Closet Clean Up program is back with Better Man Inc., personal style consultants for men led by Vylan Tran. They have two new packages to keep your closet from going stale!

Package A:

One (1) hour Consultation for $100
A style specialist will visit your home and assess your current wardrobe, giving you a prescription of exactly what you need to look out for.

  • Identify your problem areas (ie. Do all of your shirts have to be blue?)
  • Personalized tips on how to freshen up your image
  • Items to look out for when shopping to complete your wardrobe

Package B:

Consultation + Clean Up for $250
Take the extra step by allowing a style specialist to go through your closet item by item, tossing out the old and unflattering, while keeping your good items aside for tailoring.

  • One (1) hour consultation (see above)
  • Editing out your outdated jeans, worn out tees, and oh-so-baggy 90’s esque bar shirts, etc.
  • Sharpen your existing blazers and suits for expert refitting through tailoring
  • An analysis of what you need to round out your closet
  • PLUS a $50 gift certificate at Gotstyle
  • PLUS enter into a draw to win two (2) hours of personal shopping with Better Man Inc. (Value $400)

The Closet Clean Up program and contest conclude on May 30, 2011. For more information and to book your appointments, email cleanup@gsmen.com.

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