Choose A Suit For Your Body Type

An important lesson in suiting is knowing how to choose a suit for your body type.

Gentlemen, remember to dress your size. Bigger, taller, shorter, smaller; no matter what your size is, it is important to get a suit that fits you properly. An ill-fitting suit will only exaggerate while a well-fitted suit highlights and make you look better. The key is finding a balance.

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Anthony’s Outfit details (left): Jack Victor – Prossimo Suit $795, Gotstyle – Dress Shirt $165, Baffi – Pocket Square $45, Doro – Lapel Pin $19, Gotstyle – Captoe Dress Shoes $225

Dan’s Outfit details (right): Tombolini – Super 100s Virgin Wool Solid Suit $1,295, Seaward & Stern – Tie $150, Seaward & Stern – Pocket Square $85, Hudson – Derby Shoes $225

Now.. how do you dress your size?

Dress your size: body types

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First, take a look at the graphic and determine which body type you are. You must be honest with yourself. This helps to figure out what you want enhancing and which brand is ideal for your body. Ideally, you should be picking up clothing that balances out your body type. Our goal is to make sure you look good and feel good.

Larger around the waist and hips, and relatively narrow up top.
Brands: Hardy Amies, Prossimo

Chest and shoulders are significantly broader than their waist and hip.
Brands: Lab by Pal Zileri, Tiger of Sweden, Gotstyle Italia

Rounder, particularly at the center of the body, with shoulders and lower legs looking slimmer by comparison.
Brands: Strellson, NYFS, Duchamp, Tombolini, Eidos Napoli

Reasonably broad set of shoulders and chest and a gentle taper from the top down through the waist, hips, and legs.
Brands: Without Prejudice, NYFS, Gotstyle Italia, Tiger of Sweden

Tall and thin with shoulders roughly the same width as their waist and hips.
Brands: SAND, Hilton, Tiger of Sweden, Selected Homme, Philip Dubuc

If you’re still unsure we’re stop in or e-mail one of our stylists for help.

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