Celeb Style: Tinie Tempah

GQ has crowned British rapper Tinie Tempah as the Best Dressed Man in Britain for 2012.

Unlike many of his fellow rappers, Tempah opts for a smart look of slim fitted pants, graphic colour blocking, and crisp lines.

There was a major shake-up in GQ’s best dressed list for Britain, a lot of new names and a lot of men have dropped off the list. GQ’s voting panel listed Tempah’s true passion for elegance and proportion as the main reason he was awarded the top spot.

Keeping proportion in mind goes hand in hand with looking elegant (which is not just a term for the ladies anymore). It all goes back to buying clothes that fit your body.

Tempah opts to keep his accessories simple, making him known for his ever-present thick RayBans. We love his ability to keep it simple and let his clothing choices speak for themselves. This is how to pull off effortless style, also known as elegance.

Even his casual looks are still fitted (but a little more relaxed) and stylish looking, opting to wear his shirts buttoned to the top, avoiding looking too casual.

For formal events, chose suits with details like contrasting lapels or side taping. If you’re going with a detailed jacket (or top ensemble like Tinie’s outfit on the left), keep your pants solid. The one button blazers and jackets work great to keep his shape slim.

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