Celeb Style: Steve McQueen

Last week’s look at Michael Fassbender was a modern take on masculinity, this week we go back to the classics with the King of Cool – Steve McQueen.

Some guys prefer clothing that has a purpose, which doesn’t mean boring or plain. McQueen’s style is rugged and masculine – perfect for the guys who want to look good but keep it effortless. The formula for this is simple as long as you’ve got t-shirts and jeans. First things first, get a good leather jacket. You’re going to need lots of denim, fitted denim for all season. And of course, you can never have too many basic solid tees. When it comes to layering, sweaters, jackets, and henleys are all practical and classic. For shoes, desert boots (or JShoes) were McQueen’s most popular go-to item. You can still easily find the same brown suede shoes in Gotstyle. Of course, to top it off properly you’ll need some sunglasses.

When put together this look is the ultimate All American, classic tough guy look. Not trendy or overly stylish, but just the right balance of masculinity and effort. For a look like this, repeat the Keep it Simple Stupid mantra every morning while getting dressed.

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