Celeb Style: Sergio Pizzorno

British guitarist and songwriter Sergio Pizzorno lets his creativity out through both music and fashion.

If you’re a creative type, this is a great way to show it. If you don’t have a formal dress code at work (or you work for yourself as an artist), and your social events give you the freedom to go beyond suits, having a wardrobe full of unique pieces and visual interest will convey your creativity.

To get Sergio’s look, mix basics with bright colours, patterns, and eclectic finds. Stocking up on scarves is key, too. Also notice how he chooses to use one or two (maximum) pieces as the centrepiece, keeping the rest solid and simple. Combining too many eclectic pieces looks messy, not creative.

Because this is such an eclectic look, keeping the fit slim will ensure that it’s you wearing the clothes and not the clothes wearing you. To balance out the patterns, colours, and textures he plays with on top, he always keeps his pants simple with skinny black pants or jeans.

He definitely stands out from fellow musicians in a light neutral jacket with green scarf. I love seeing guys wear light colours!



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