Celeb Style: Nick Wooster

We couldn’t have a Celeb Style section and not include Nick Wooster, the Men’s Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Having such a hefty title, it’s a given that he’s got some serious style himself and chances are, you’re already aware of this.

Menswear has quickly reacted to the demand for more colours, different fits, new shapes, and more visually interesting pieces, so taking some inspiration from Nick Wooster’s colourful wardrobe isn’t impossible.

His style is so personal, and consistent, mixing facial hair and hair style, but remaining put together with tailored suits and consistently on-point choice of tie bars, pocket squares, and accessories.

To emulate this style, never shy away from patterns and colour – mix them together and find out what works with what for your style. Ankle-baring pants with a slimmer fit, and collared shirts are a must-have for this summer. To complete the look, invest in a simple tie bar and a few colourful ties.

Nick proves that having fun with style and having a unique look isn’t just for young guys. No matter what your age is, have fun and don’t be afraid of standing out. As long as it’s done in good style.


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