Celeb Style: Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is everywhere, from the cover of GQ, in Box Office hits, and all over the internet. He’s the man that women love and men want to be.

We’ve talked about a lot of celeb guys who wear colour; but Fassbender lies on the neutral side of the colour wheel. His understated masculine look is forever in style, and guarantees that the clothes won’t be wearing you. At a certain age, men begin opting for quality over trends or quantity (in all aspects of life). We like to refer to men in this part of their life as Gotstyle Men.

So how do you get this style? Look at how clothes fit you before you look at anything else. As GQ says, “That’s the tough-guy secret: No matter your physical type, learn to let clothes flatter your body.” Once you’ve accepted your body type, keep it simple. Polos and tees with jeans, dark suits, and classic pieces like sweaters, sport coats, and shirts, in neutrals of course. It’s ultra masculine, simple, and makes your closet incredibly versatile and easy.

On your next trip to Gotstyle, remember to keep it simple with details and colours, instead chose to put your cash on fit and classic pieces. When you let your personality speak for itself, you’ll give off that air of mystery that women love.

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