Celeb Style: Matt Dusk

Another guy doing his part to keep Toronto as Canada’s most stylish city is jazz crooner Matt Dusk. Has anyone ever seen this man in something other than a suit? He is constantly polished, put together, and always has the most dapper way of wearing colours, patterns, and making traditional style sexy.

What’s inspiring about Dusk is that his style reflects his life. His music, his love of the rat pack and 1950s, his interests, is all wrapped in his very gentlemanly style. Just like casual guys who are often outside and active dress to allow that, Dusk dresses to allow him to express his musical tastes and inspirations.

Don’t stick with solids, start off with subtle plaids for an instant air of old school, traditional menswear.

If this look embodies your life, what should you look for in a suit? Tradition. Classic colours, cuts, details, and pieces to accessorize with. Leather, classic watches, and thick ties. Nothing avant-garde, or contemporary. This look is all about appreciation for the past’s respect to details and tradition.

Brands: Pal Zileri, LAB, Gotstyle Private Label, Horst.

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