Celeb Style: Jude Law

Like his character, Alfie in the 2004 movie of the same name, Jude Law is a good looking British guy with a great fashion sense. He’s always looking edgy and is never seen without fitted clothing. He’s found what looks good for him: well-fitting, neutral colours (lots of black and grey), mixed up with a bit of personality. Take note, guys – to get Jude’s look you’re going to need some tailored blazers and jackets!

More often than not, he’s sporting the casual look. Although he keeps his look simple and (somewhat) clean like Ryan Gosling, Law has a bit more bad-ass to him. His ripped jeans, leather jackets, scarves, and messy hair add to his “bad boy” image.
Get Jude’s look by stocking up on jeans, solid t-shirts and cardigans, a good leather jacket, and of course a few fitted blazers. Don’t be afraid to play around with your hair either, add volume and texture.

On the red carpet, he cleans up well; but holds onto his inner bad-boy with the messy hair look.

I can do without the baggy pants, but a man who wears a hat and looks this good can’t be passed over!

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