Celeb Style: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s easy to look good on the red carpet when you’ve got weeks to prepare and a team of people dedicated to making sure you look your best. Looking good during your downtime and at less-formal social events is tough, that’s why we’re bringing you well-dressed celebrities and sharing their casual, social, and formal looks.

You might remember Joseph Gordon-Levitt from our TIFF review; Melissa loved his choice of a dark brown velvet suit with a grey shirt and tie. But he’s not just stylish during red carpet events and film festivals.

In between shooting scenes for Inception, Gordon-Levitt wore this earthy, casual look with very in style John Varvatos spectator boots and plaid.

For a social look (below, left), he tends to go with darker colours like greys and black, his outfits are always slim fitted and very modern looking. Much like his TIFF suit, he keeps it simple and uses subtle pops of colour to add contrast. He has yet to look too dressed up or suffer from clashing patterns or colours. He just looks good.

His formal look (below, right) is very traditional: black suit with a white shirt and black bowtie. We love that he mixes it up with a bowtie since almost all of his social looks involve a tie. The pants are the perfect length and the slim fit is very appropriate for his build.

What do you think, isn’t it a huge change from 3rd Rock’s awkward adolescent Tommy Solomon? Even GQ praised his personal style while he was doing the Inception premiere tour.


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