Celeb Style: James Franco

James Franco is a man of style and success. He’s an award-winning actor, director, philanthropist, and a professor at NYU. Needless to say, he’s come a long way from Freaks and Geeks. This week, Franco shows us how to dress young, a balance of polished and disheveled; ideal look for 20-somethings in the city.

Like the guys before Franco (Dean, McQueen), he’s the essence of cool. He gets this air of coolness from his simple, masculine fashion choices, mixed with edgy and modern details. When he’s casual, it’s New York City downtown and when he’s suited up, he still holds on to a piece of that. He is a noted fan of formal way, which lately has improved a great deal.

Your first step to getting Franco’s style is a leather jacket, his staple piece for casual outfits. Like most of our younger Celeb Style guys, simple t-shirts and jeans also apply to this style. Layer them with plaids, henleys, leather jackets, and sweaters when the mercury drops.

The key to Franco’s look is not looking like you spent a lot of time looking in the mirror, it takes confidence; but it’s an ideal look for students, creative-types, and downtown guys who need the versatility this style offers.

Even in Freaks and Geeks he was reminiscent of James Dean. Now he’s just mixed in layers and modern details.

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