Celeb Style: Drake

Canadians don’t get a global reputation for being the most stylish people. But for young, urban, aspirational guys in North America, Canadian rapper Drake is one of the most stylish celebrities.

It’s all in the details for Drake. His casual style includes Tom Ford Baccarat sunglasses, and his event outfits have included velvet loafers with tassels.

Recently, we’ve seen him take more risks with fashion, like the blue silk tuxedo jacket pictured below. He’s put the days of baggy jeans and sweaters behind him (for the most part) and has grown into a cleaner, more mature look.

To get Drake’s style, the key is to invest in quality pieces and look for things with a twist. Whether it’s asymmetrical zippers and details on jackets, jeans with a more tapered fit, or unique textures. Drake loves high price designer items, but you don’t have to break the bank. Many mid-range designers have amazing and unique accessories that will easily give you look an urban edge.

When you’ve got the basic leather jacket, jeans, henleys, preppy sweaters and sneakers in your wardrobe, start looking for varsity bomber jackets, sunglasses, and of course, sweaters.

Having a lot of casual wear is key. We only ever see Drake really formal for red carpet or big events, so his casual wear often goes into the night.


Horizontal stripes are preppy and can dress up a casual outfit. Like many of his heartfelt songs he often goes against the grain of other rappers. Make the preppy look younger by including jeans and sneakers.

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