Celeb Style: David Walliams

Another stylish celebrity from across the pond is British comedian David Walliams. Who’s dating history would make every man jealous. Seriously, it’s near impossible to find a picture of him without a gorgeous girl on his arm. So bachelors, listen up!

Walliams style isn’t loud, instead he choses to stay classic and very traditional. His style is commendable because he’s consistent, and never seems to have an off day. Because of this consistency with classic style, he’s a frequent on Best Dressed lists and won GQ’s Most Stylish Man award in 2009.

If you want to get this look, you’re going to need a lot of suits. Classic greys and blacks, solid shirts, and lots of ties. His use of textured ties is the perfect contemporary way to balance his choice of traditional suits. This look is polished, stylish, and such a refresher from all the casual menswear out there. And clearly, women love a man in a suit.

On top of wearing well-fitting suits, having this grown-up look means doing accessories right. Ties, bow ties, shoes, and pocket squares. No floppy hats, sneakers, or jewellery for this kind of man!

The Brits sure know how to do menswear right!

What a change his Little Britain character is from his usual look.

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