Celeb Style: David Gandy

You may not recognize this week’s Celeb Style guy, he’s the English model (and blogger for Vogue UK) David Gandy. And he knows how to dress up. If your holiday season is packed with parties and social events, or maybe that’s just how your life always is, then you may want to take some tips from him.

I can’t cover Gandy’s style and not mention his affinity for v-necks. Casual or on the red carpet, he’s got his shirt buttons undone or he’s wearing a very deep v-neck shirt. Very sexy, very modern, as long as Ed Hardy isn’t involved.

There’s a solid sense of masculinity in each of his looks, but neither overdone nor too stoic. He doesn’t follow trends, or stick to rules, instead he plays with necklines, patterns, colours, shape, all the great things that make menswear so exciting.

He keeps his look very simple, sticking to the waistcoats, deep neckline, while playing with pattern, texture, and colour.

Turns out, he’s a fan of Ryan Gosling’s style, birds of a feather flock together.

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