Celeb Style: David Beckham

For the more casual guys, David Beckham is a great celeb style guide. More often in rugged jeans and casual shirts than suits, the trick to nailing this look is all in the fit.

Looking casual doesn’t mean looking like you’d rather be in bed. Keep your casual wear fitted, there’s a different between what you wear casually around the house and what you wear casually out in public. If you’re going to do a relaxed, baggier pair of jeans, keep your shirt fitted.

Casual guys tend to look out of their element and uncomfortable in formal clothes, keeping a bit of your casual attitude is as simple as tucking in only one side of your shirt.

David’s never afraid to accessorize, we see him in hats, glasses, belts, necklaces, bracelets, and scarves. Keep the bling factor toned down and pick pieces that work well with the clothes you’ve already got.

With Victoria Beckaham as his wife, it’s a given that there will always be fully formal events, he mixes classic suits with fun patterns like this. But like everyone he’s made his fashion missteps too, like this hairdo. We don’t recommend doing a half-pony at any time, especially not with a suit.


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