Celeb Style: Best Dressed at the 2012 MetGala

The best accessory for any red carpet is a stunning date on your arm, which both Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen prove. But, there were a few guys who were able to stand alone and still look amazing thanks to their outfit choices. Here’s our top picks from last night’s Met Gala.

Tom Brady’s classic tux included a velvet jacket, bigger bowtie and pocket square, helping him look more James Bond than quarterback.

Gary Oldman stood out from the sea of black in a white jacket. The thick framed glasses were also working well for him.

Kanye wore a black Givenchy tux and looked great. The texture, jacket length, and fit all worked well together.

The only guy to upstaged his date is Ron Wood, in studded Christian Louboutin shoes that matched his vest.

A slightly eccentric outfit belonged to Mick Jagger, who’s navy striped blazer, burgundy shirt, and black pants could be working together a little better. But, when you’re Mick Jagger, choosing something more eccentric than not it a given.

Overall, we were underwhelmed with the men at the Met Gala this year. There was a lot of simple tuxs, and not a lot of playing around. However, there was an abundance of great fits and a lot of guys nailed the classic look head on. Poor outfit choices were far and few between.

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