Celeb Style: André Benjamin

Sometimes we forget to have fun with fashion, so this week we’re exploring the quirky style of André Benjamin (AKA André 3000).

Have fun with fashion and play around in different eras, cultures, and styles. Being a hip hop power house, it’s a given that André has a couple creative bones.

He takes a lot of inspiration from retro time periods, British influence, 1950s shapes, and plays with how we wear things. Like the tucked tie, why don’t more men ever do that?

Having fun with style doesn’t mean looking ridiculous, he’s always dapper whether it’s on the red carpet or having a casual day. Finding quirks that suit you, be it colours, patterns, a certain time period, or even silhouettes make your look authentic and not too costume-y.

To make a vintage outfit look fresh and new, do it with bright colours and modern details. Of course, having charisma and confidence to pull it off are most important.

On top of being a stellar dresser, he’s also a designer for his menswear line Benjamin Bixby, not yet available in Canada.


Even the quirkiest of dressers need to have the basics in their wardrobe. Don’t overlook simple outerwear, accessories and jeans. With accessories, you can kick up the quirk or keep it simple.

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