Can four suits makeover a million UFC fans?

It’s been a wild seven days, but the biggest event that Toronto has seen in 2011 has reached its finale. Lets take a look at our part in UFC’s premiere arrival in Toronto.

As many of you know, last Monday we were invited to Georges St. Pierre‘s hotel to put him in two awesome suits. You can read our previous blog entry, see photos on Facebook, or see the video below that had thousands of commenters joke about how Melissa couldn’t keep her eyes off a shirtless GSP.

His first suit, a three piece by Not Your Father, could be seen at UFC 129’s press conference. All I have to say about this photo is: MAN vs. BOY. If we ever needed a poster for our war against ugly t-shirts, this would be our billboard.

On Thursday, I woke up to a text message from Melissa: We’re suiting up Anderson Silva. It had been a long week, so I slowly made my way to Gotstyle (and by slowly, I mean I took a one hour power nap) only to find out I had just missed Cain Valesquez. He was, as Melissa says, “extremely sweet and easy to talk to”. They took a few quick iPhone photos since I had the Olympus PEN on me.

We cabbed over to Anderson Silva‘s hotel soon after to meet him and his four extremely heavy championship belts. He was a character: making faces, dancing around, and being a genuinely nice guy. We took a few photos and posted them on Facebook too.

On Friday, the seven UFC Champions (dubbed the Super Seven) got together for the first time ever for a Q&A at the Ricoh Coliseum. Out of the seven, three were dressed in Canadian brands from Gotstyle, including Not Your Father, Lipson, and Gotstyle’s private label!

Side note: To the people who thought GSP departure during the Q&A was rude, he had to change out of his suit for the weigh-ins. No need to gossip, folks!

Later, UFC on Facebook asked a poll: Who was best dressed in the Super 7? Funny enough, our three guys ranked in the top three in over 13,000 entries!

On Saturday, GSP wore a Without Prejudice suit on his way to the Rogers Centre (which he won, but didn’t finish, if you get me). Still looking for photos/video of it, but I’m sure it’ll pop up somewhere.

The biggest relief? Not having to see so many ugly t-shirts. The war continues people, and we’re saving up for that billboard!

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