Camp Collars

Aka Cuban collars. I like to think of them as the graphic t-shirts of button ups. Before, when people saw these shirts it was usually for bowling, or an ad for an all inclusive getaway in Hawaii. These days, depending on the pattern and style you can look like a rock star, yacht owner, or a surfer babe. What makes Cuban collars so casual and cool is that they are usually a lighter and flowy fabric. In addition they have a peak lapel detail, and are always more of a boxy fit. Here are a couple options on how to style a Cuban collar shirt. If you're already a style God check out our amazing and playful short sleeve collared shirts here.


With a suit

So if you're more on the reserved side, and bright colours or patterns make you cautious, you can always use a blazer to 'water the loudness' down. If you wanted to pair these shirts with a suit we suggest a suit that is light in material. Look for materials like linen, and cotton (you want to look hot, not be hot). Also go for pastels, and lighter versions of your go-to colours, so instead of navy, get a brighter blue. 


Cuban collar shirt styled with a suit

Make it the main 

Styling a patterned Cuban collar shirt is a no brainer. Usually they are covered in florals, and plethoras of colours which makes easy to pair with any pants or shorts that are one colour. If you wanted to tuck them in always go with a higher waisted and voluminous pant. Previously stated Cuban collars are boxier. So tucking them into a comfortable wider pant well help you exude 'summer vibes' and give you silhouette. For an easy dinner to drinks look pair a floral Cuban collar shirt with a slim-skinny dark wash pant. It's a club appropriate and stylish enough to get noticed on the dance floor. Undo the top 2 buttons to really be casual and flirty. 

Cuban collar shirt tucked in a pant

Add a little spice

Now this tip is for the more fashion forward, and advanced style guy. To really elevate your look you need to add some man jewellery. Now I won't dive too deep into it because accessorizing is it's own post. Adding a bracelet that picks up the colour of your shoes, or a colour of your Cuban collar shirt will bring the look together. Now shiny isn't always the way to go. A more masculine and subtle option is to go for a rust or brushed textured finished. It will still reflect and gleam but not too bright. If your skin might be sensitive a rope bracelet with a metal closure is a no brainer. It has a nautical look and you don't need to be too careful to care for it.  See our collections of different colour and finishes for mens bracelets here.