Spring 2012 Buying Trip in New York

I’ll admit buying for the store is one of my favorite things. I have a specific viewpoint of how I want the Gotstyle guy to look (edgy sophisticated) with a specific action (clothes to get laid in or dominate in business), but it’s not as glamorous as it would seem.

Since we don’t sell super expensive designer clothes, I’m not sitting in the front row of fashion shows next to Kayne West. Instead it’s a mix of showroom appointments with existing brands and hunting at trade shows for new brands or the next big thing.

I just got back from New York for the first round of trade shows for Spring 2012. There were four different shows at four different venues, each with a different viewpoint and each showing at least 100 plus brands at each. It’s kind of like a flea market for clothes (but they are all cool brands or up and coming designers and buyers from around the world are all hunting for the next big thing, brand or trend). Here’s a picture from the Project show and a video from Capsule.

Some sneak peeks for next Spring? COLOR! From all shades of sorbet, different tones of military greens and beiges to bold and bright primary colors. The best thing is that color is shown in everyday basics, so they’re easy to work back to solid neutral tops and blazers. Here’s Hardip, designer for Plain Jane with his Spring 2012 collection.

Found some great jewelry that adds color and is well priced coming in for Fall and Holiday.

And a killer new collection from Adidas SLVR. I always found it interesting that high fashion is never affordable for the customer who covets it the most, namely young fashionistas who can’t spend $300 on a designer shirt or $1,500 on a jacket. This collection is newly designed by German designer Dirk Schoenberger, offering an ultra-clean, ultra-modern and innovative collection that every fashion guy can afford, and start at an XS. Shirts range from $125, blazer $350, leather jackets $850. We have some pieces coming in for holiday this year.

Stayed at the new Mondrian Hotel in SoHo, great location at a good price (for New York) and includes breakfast. Chowed down at Momofuko (can’t wait until they open in Toronto!!), STK for some great steak at a hopping spot (even for a Monday), and very glad that I made time to check out Sleep No More, a surreal play that takes place in an abandoned hotel in Chelsea. The audience walks around silently in masks while the play happens around you. Another must see is the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan; even if you don’t care about fashion, this exhibit is awe inspiring, both in the creative genius that McQueen was and how they curated the show.

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