Blog Love from the Fashion Face-Off

Lots of blog postings went up today from last night’s Fashion Face-Off event!

Thanks to @fashionights, @CourtneyCorner, and @StilettoTwins for posting up some great reviews on our party.

Keep an eye out for the official photos in the coming days!


Stiletto Twins: Fashion Face-off Preview
Wow — what a night! Fantastic party by GOTSTYLE Menswear with Elmer Olsen models.. Great music, well-dressed crowd, and a fashion show! Here’s a little preview…

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Fashionights: Gotstyle Fashion Face-Off
Last night, Ultra's rooftop patio played host to GOTSTYLE's Fashion Faceoff.

The night was filled with sharply dressed men, most of them anyways, and the lovely ladies had the privilage to hand out gold stars to the hottest ones...great excuse to flirt and hey I even was called out a "pretty boy" by one of the straight men who protested that I had his star! Flirting, back with what I do best I merely stated that she saw me first.

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Courtney Corner: GOTSTYLE x Katwalk
Last night GOTSTYLE hosted the most handsome party Toronto may ever see. Every sartorial man in Toronto came out in hopes of getting some gold stars from the girls. Although some of my friends weren't able to make it in due to door issues, it was a great way to begin our National Holiday. Enjoy the Elmer Olsen models after the break 😉

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