Big, Tall, Short, Small: We Fit Them All.

We double dare any man with size issues to seek our assistance immediately. Point-guard tall, vertically challenged, extra-long limbed or pleasantly robust- we glance at any male and simply see unlimited potential. Our masterful stylists understand the finer points of fit and how to work with every body type. Combined with our spectrum of over 35 slick brands and an ultra skilled tailor, we create looks to form and flatter. Shopping the boy's department is a thing of the past.

  • Suiting starts at 34 to 48
  • Trousers starts at 32 to 42
  • Shirting starts at 14.5 to 18
  • Sleeve length up to 37in



David at 6ft4in is our resident “Big Guy” and an ideal candidate for our Gotstyle Private Label sport coat which goes up to a 48 Tall. This blazer offers a modern classic fit with ample room around the chest and waist.

We-Fit-Every-Body-ReggieIn comparison, Reggie definitely falls into our “smaller” guy category. Standing at about 5ft7in and 130lbs he’s perfect for brands like Vito & Tiger Of Sweden. These brands offer a slim silhouette, and modern cut, ideal for guys his size and stature.

Meet Chad, he’s what we’d consider the “average” guy. For him we picked a great Ted Baker polo and Van Gils sportcoat. As Melissa mentions in the video above, both these brands are perfect match for guys across the board because they offer a classic modern fit without being overly “trendy”.We-Fit-Every-Body-RyanRyan is our Tall and skinny guy. His body frame is also ideal for our Gotstyle Private Label because it’s the only brand we carry that offers up to a 37in sleeve, perfect for Ryan’s long arms.

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