Bentley quality, Mini prices

We have a new suit line coming into the store that we’re very excited about – Paul Betenly. He offers a modern, but not too European of a cut (think Z Zegna), super 120’s high performance fabrics (stain and wrinkle resistant), a half canvas garment (think: bottom of the scale is a fused suit, top is full canvas) for an amazing price of $695! The best thing is that they are in-stock in Canada (btw, in-stock is a retailers wet dream, after consignment!) |So, if you need 10 suits for a wedding party we can get it to you right away – and this includes 2 styles of tuxedos!

Paul Betenly is one of the few completely vertical suit operations – from owning their own sheep farms in Australia, to spinning and weaving their own yarns (with state of the art tecnology for perfect color matching) to production of the final goods.

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