Benefits of a Man's Best Friend

After going to Woofstock last week, I have come to realize that there is simply no better accessory a man can adorn then having a dog with him. Obviously dogs were on my brain and I was noticing the startling amount of men with their furry friends on the subway and streetcars. And every single one suffered an onslaught of inquisitions from me. Conversations generally would go as follows:

Me Oh my god! He is soooo cute. Can I pet him?”

Guy (startled by my enthusiasm)  Uh...ya.”

Me  What kind of dog is he? Are you going to Woofstock? You should be.”

Guy (confused)  Where? What? He's a _________(fill in the blank)”

Me  Ohhh such a good boy, such a good boy! Hello, hello baby, yes you wanna come with me? You wanna be my pet at Woofstock? Ok, let's go. Soooo cute.”

Now charmed by my love for your pet or not, if you are going to walk around with a big fuzzy creature, I'm going to talk to you. And I know there are some men out there who fully realize how much of a chick-magnet their dog is. If you are well dressed and respectable looking, don't worry about over-accessorizing with designer finishing touches. Add dog and the women will come.

That is one of the reasons these poor folks at Gotstyle can't seem to get rid of me. Have you met Hector, the gorgeous Burmese Mountain dog that acts as Gotstyle's mascot? He just hangs out there all day. I would too, if I could. And now another dog has been added to the Gotstyle family. Little Elliot sleeps all day in the corner by the cash. Of course I want to hang out there. I know it's a men's store, but man, it certainly has the "chick-magnet" factor as well. Word of advice, Gotstyle. Lose the dogs and the hot guys and the cozy couches and the awesome parties and only then will you get rid of me.

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