Ask about our Secret Sale Room

Left over clothes at the end of the season are always a bone of contention with retailers.

What can we do with them…

  • Do we send them back to the suppliers? (only in our wildest dreams!)
  • Send them to an outlet store? (nope, only the suppliers we buy from get to do that)
  • Burn them in the back parking lot in a big bonfire? (again, wildest dreams)

Nope, we pack them in boxes and bring them out for the next sale season. These items could be the result of bad buying (hey, we buy from 45 different collections, each collection can have 50 – 150 items to choose from. There are bound to be mistakes!), being too early with a trend, too expensive an item, the one size we have left no one tried on etc. The list is endless.

So, we’ve decided instead of waiting until the next sale time, we’re going to break open those boxes now! Come by the store and ask to see the Secret Sale Room (that won’t be so secrect anymore!) and find some great deals at 50-75% off.

Secret Sale Room

– $50 or less for all tops and pants
– $150 for blazers
– $300 for suits
– Last sizes – what you see is what you get!

For all our regular blog readers and Facebook/Twitter followers: This is our early heads up. Drop in before the weekend because we’re sending out an email blast about it on Friday!

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