An App Pays You to Take a Selfie

If you open your phone, do you have 20 selfies that are all basically the same? Do you check yourself in the mirror AND your camera phone? If so, this might be perfect for you.

The day has finally come where you are able to make cash for those everyday selfies we all secretly love to take. The Chicago-based company, Pay Your Selfie, launched their app last September and is the first to allow everyday people to earn cold cash for their selfies. App users are able to earn 20 to 40 cents per selfie, and up to $1 if you pose with a brand. Once your digital piggy bank hits $20, you are able to cash out and receive a cheque in the mail, or donate it to a charitable organization of your choice.

It allows brands an opportunity to target one of the most influential target demographic of today – the millennials. They team up with brands who are seeking consumer insight, as well as consumer engagement to create a selfie task that meets their objectives.

When you download the app, you tap the pig to see a list of these selfie tasks, and once a task of your choice is selected, you follow the selfie instruction, post your selfie and get paid!


Photo credit: Pay Your Selfie

Brands such as Crest toothpaste and Goose Island Beer are among the first to engage in this app and the consumer insight collected has sparked interest for other brands. Pay Your Selfie co-founder Kristen Holman says that they found an unexpectedly large amount of people are brushing their teeth from 4pm-6pm; information which Crest toothpaste can use in their future advertising. The app is currently only available in the U.S. but we hope it arrives to Canada soon.

More than 100 million selfies are taken daily, and it certainly is not a trend that will be fading anytime soon, so why not earn some extra pocket money doing what you already do? Head over to AdWeek to learn more.

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