5 top spring trends for going back to the office

Spring has sprung, and while you’ve probably grown eager for the warmer months, you may have begun to think about your spring wardrobe, and rightfully so. Before you know it, it’s time to ditch the parka and reach for something a little more breathable. After months of having to cover your stylish outfits with a winter jacket, we don’t blame you for feeling excited about the warmer days ahead. 

They say we spend two-thirds of our life at work. So, why not invest in stylish office wear? It’s only fitting we invest in clothing that we can wear to the office.

This year, the most prevalent trend for both men and women is quiet luxury, or dare we say, recession chic. While we know recession chic might sound a little bit tone-deaf, that’s what they’re calling it. This year, we’re swapping out logos for high-quality timeless pieces. We always saw logos as a faux pas in office etiquette anyways.

So, as we delve further into this idea of quiet luxury, the most notable trends for the season include jewel tones, lightweight fabrics, monochrome, loafers or slingbacks, and ties. With the growing fluidity of fashion, we’ve seen many of these trends transcend gender. As we discuss these trends, you’ll see how masculinity and femininity collide, especially when it comes to workwear. 

What to wear to the office this spring


Spring items you need - LinenWhat you need for Spring

As we step into spring you might already be itching to wear linen. While the age-old rule says that you need to wait until after Memorial Day to pull out your linens, today's linen is suitable for both spring and summer. Regardless, we offer plenty of workwear options made from linen, cotton, and jersey materials to keep you cool and comfortable this spring. 

Blazer: Linen 4-Pocket Safari Jacket - Beige

Shirt: Bubbles Print Spread Collar Shirt - Denim

Pants: Modern Fit Stretch Jersey Pant - Charcoal

Monochrome looks

Shopping for the office can start to feel a bit like “rinse, wash, and repeat”, though we hope you’re dry cleaning your suiting, as directed. ;) That’s why, this spring, we encourage you to have a bit of fun with your work clothes. With jewel tones trending, there’s room to play with colour.

Monochrome looks in lightweight fabrics remain the number one workwear trend for spring 2023. While monochrome might imply wearing everything in the exact same colour, this is far from the truth. 

Monochrome looksmonochrome look

Monochrome (adjective): involving a single colour in varying tones.

Suddenly, monochrome feels a lot easier to style. Whether you prefer neutrals, or you’re willing to play with colour, our workwear selection provides you with endless options.

Jacket: Chest Patch Pocket Work Jacket - Sand

Shirt: Palm Leaf Print Poplin Shirt - Beige

Pants: Cotton Stretch Trouser - Sand

Types of clothing to wear to the office this spring

Women’s Work Clothing

Ladies, it’s no secret that when it comes to workwear you want to express your personal style while maintaining both modesty and professionalism. Lucky for you, coordinating suits have never been hotter. While the power suit is an obvious choice, there’s no reason it needs to be boring. Our recommendation, opt for a full monochrome linen suit. 

Let’s talk about it. So, you’re a neutral lover? No problem, you can always opt for white, navy, or even gray. But what is really hot for spring 2023 is jewel tones! Our coordinating yellow linen blazer and trousers by NORMEET practically looking like they were taken from the Pantone colour report. Very chic and on trend for spring 2023. 

But what do I wear underneath my blazer jacket?

The boss babes at Gotstyle have paired their suits with a classic white T-shirt, though a neutral blouse will also do the trick!

Wide-leg pants remain on trend this season. For the boss babe that’s looking to add a bit of extra height, wide-leg pants paired with heels are the perfect way to elongate your legs. Strangely, skinny pants are also making a comeback. Take advantage of this time in history when both wide-leg pants and skinny pants are celebrated. 

Here are our favourite heels in spring colours: 

Square Toe PVC Strap Sculpted Heel - Pink

Suede Stilletto Sandal with Bow - Yellow

Men’s Work Clothing

Now, for the gentlemen. How can we incorporate this season's trends into corporate workwear? We know that black can feel like the most comfortable option, but with sunnier days ahead, it’s only natural to reach for lighter hues and fabrics. 

As women in the workplace reach for the power suit, men’s workwear has become more relaxed and casual. What does this mean? Ditch the power suit and opt for more smart casual attire. Naturally, with the shift towards more casual work attire, the sports jacket has become a popular choice. Offering the best of both worlds, it’s both smart and relaxed. 

So, how can you achieve the casual, smart, lightweight, and monochrome look? 

Start with the jacket and work the rest of your look around it. Let’s start with our gradient checks stretch cotton blazer in black and beige by CIRCOLO 1901. It’s lightweight, made from cotton, and patterned so it’s a bit more fun than your typical solid-coloured blazer, and it provides many options for mixing and matching. Next, opt for beige or tan pants to reign in spring. Depending on your workplace, you might choose our 5-pocket chino pants by SAND or our cotton stretch trouser by J. LINDEBERG. 

For tops, feel free to opt for a T-shirt, button-up, or even layer a polo style knit for cooler spring mornings. Staying true to our coordinating monochrome theme, we recommend pulling a colour from the sports jacket, such as black to tie the look together. 

If you’re looking for a blazer that will take you from day to night, and incorporates this season's jewel tone trend, our NYFS velvet blazer comes in both purple and rust. Warning, this one isn’t casual, but it’s sure to turn heads. 

Spring accessories for work in the spring

Now, for accessories, perhaps the most versatile pieces in our wardrobe. The beauty of accessories is their ability to work their way into countless outfits. 


This season, ties appear to be having a moment. Both in menswear and womenswear. Don’t believe us? Check out any of the recent runway shows from the likes of Dior, Hermès, and even McQueen. Both bow ties and the long tie are trending this spring.

So, gentlemen, as we lean into more casual work clothes, let us not forget the classic tie. And ladies, take this as your opportunity to elevate your power suit. Don’t shy away from the menswear section when browning for your latest spring work accessory.

Loafers and Slingbacks

Lastly, loafers and slingbacks. It’s no secret that loafers have been experiencing a major rise in popularity over the past few seasons. This spring is no exception. Loafers remain one of the top trends for both men and women.

Also, for the ladies looking to elevate their spring workwear, both figuratively and literally, slingback heels make a perfect choice. A pair of classic black slingbacks will never go out of style -  a timeless option.

For the gentlemen, we have endless options for loafers. When sporting a more casual look, we recommend opting for a lug sole, especially during the spring months. Our double monk strap lug sole loafer by CALCE is both classic and on trend for spring 2023.


So, there you have it, the latest spring work clothes trends for spring 2023 along with some outfit inspo to kickstart your spring shopping. To recap, we’re ditching loud and garish logos for high-quality and timeless pieces. Whether you choose to call it quiet luxury or recession chic, we hope that you get the idea. The ladies are reaching for jewel tone monochromatic power suits in lightweight fabrics. The gentlemen are ditching the 3-piece suit for more casual workwear, opting for lightweight mix-and-match monochrome looks. Both ladies and gentlemen will be accessorizing with loafers and ties this spring. Don’t forget to stay true to your personal style! When in doubt, keep it classic with high-quality and timeless pieces.