5 Tips for The Modern Groom

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2. Keep it Classic

 If you are going to wear a black tuxedo do it properly. Nix the blade tie, toss on a bow tie, bibbed shirt, patent shoes. This is a classic risk-free look for your wedding day.

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3. Mix and Match

There are so many amazing fabrics out there in the world why not stray from the conventional and have fun with a pattern on your wedding day. It is also a great way to incorporate your wedding colours without going overboard.

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4. Attention is in the details 

Boutonnieres are great but they are expensive and flowers die. Why not invest your money into something you can wear again like a lapel pin and pocket square. Toss in some fun laces and socks to really show your wedding guests how stylish you are!

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5. Trust Your Gut 

Suits are an investment and it is important to purchase something that suits your lifestyle. If you’re not a suit guy invest in something versatile like charcoal grey or navy. These suits will look sophisticated on your wedding day but also carry through to multiple events in your life. If you wear a suit 5 days a week, consider made to measure/custom! It’s a sure fire way to differential from your business attire.

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Gotstyle is proud to carry both "off the rack" and Made To Measure options at various price points and sizes for Grooms and Groomsmen. For more on weddings chat with our Gotstyle Wedding Specialist Natasha today.