5 Reasons Why Every Man Needs A Tailor

It’s a sign of manhood to say you have your own tailor. Until recently, you had to be referred to a good tailor by an existing customer. (Preferably, by written referral). Now, things have loosened up but still, it remains a task to find one worth their salt.

So, what are the life-changing benefits to having a tailor you ask?

5 Reasons Why Every Man Needs A Tailor.

1. A Perfect Fit, Always.

We do our best to find brands that fit every body type. However, there are plenty of instances when off the rack just won’t do. A previously broken shoulder, miss matched arm lengths, or specific fit preference that requires something customized.

2. You'll get more out of your wardrobe.

How many pieces do you have in your closet right now that you aren't wearing because they need fixing? Or, maybe you put on a couple lbs over the winter. That doesn't mean your need to re-invest in a new wardrobe! Having your pants let out or taking in a baggy shirt can maximize the pieces you already have, making you feel like you have more options without spending a fortune.

3. You're not a professional.

Garment making isn't easy stuff. It's a trademastered by few. The details can be intimidating. Find comfort in a tailor who can suggest fixes that will flatter your body. If they've been working long enough, chances are they've seen every problem out there and know a way around it.

4. Create/Define your brand.

Once you've built a relationship with your tailor you'll be able to create unique pieces that are true to your own personal style. Who doesn’t want a custom piece that will last a lifetime?

5. You're not perfect, but they can fake it.

A good tailor will help accentuate your good points and hide your flaws. Think of him/her as your real life photo editor. Only someone with extensive knowledge of the human body and fabrication can do this. They’ll also tell you when something is worth altering, and when you should pass.

It is a true gentleman’s thing to be a client of a good tailor. If you want to know more contact our Made to measure specialist Konstantine. Alternatively if you’re looking to do a little more reading on the topic check out his interview with Huffington Post here.

Photo Credit: Boris Thaser

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