5 People To Follow On Instagram

By Cioan Skye

Fashion Inspirations On Instagram

Instagram is a resourceful tool that can offer suggestions but that's if you have an inkling of what to search for and who to follow. We at Gotstyle did the work and scoped out the Instagram spectrum, here are our 5 picks:

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist founded by Scott Schuman is a fashion blog established in New York in September 2005. The founder created the blog with the idea of showcasing the world's fashion and its linkage to daily life. Scott Schuman has been featured in GQ Magazine, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris and Interview Magazine with fashionistas visiting The Sartorialist on a daily basis.



Bryanboy was founded by Manila based fashion blogger Bryan Grey Yambao in 2004. The androgynous blog caught the attention of Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs even named a style of bag from his A/W 2008 collection after Bryanboy and called it the "BB ostrich" bag. Bryanboy presents luxury recreation and fashion consumption with a touch of his wit.


Tokyo Dandy

Tokyo Dandy is a collective of 2 minds; Dan Bailey and Kazuaki Joe. Tokyo Dandy was established in 2008 as an independent magazine/blog to bridge the gap between high fashion and street style in Japanese media. The website is content rich and visually strong with entries in both Japanese and English. Tokyo Dandy has collaborated with Marc Jacobs, Prada and Vogue Japan.



Men's Fashion Post

Men's Fashion Post was founded by Eff Ulloa years ago as a daily Instablog. Eff launched his personal Instagram in April this year and nowadays travels the world capturing different styles through his lens or that of his fellow menswear photographers.


Stefano Tratto

Stafano Tratto is a blogger from Italy. Stefano presents a laidback casual look where he switches up between street style and the classic suit and tie with his handlebar moustache. His hairstyle has even inspired others to create how-to’s on Youtube.


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