5 Looks for Success: Build Them with Basem Hanna

What does success look like?

It’s a question that Basem Hanna — entrepreneur, founder and father — is asked frequently. 

Too frequently.

That’s why, when Basem came down to see us in the Distillery District for a fun morning of fittings, we changed things up a bit.

Rather than ask him what success looks like, we asked him what five ‘looks’ bring him the most success.

The force behind TerrAscend, TREC Brands and Almega Co. was more than happy to break it down.


Basem Street style

For me, it has never been about what's on runways or in magazines. Or even what designers are out rocking. Real-life people on the street influence me. Realistically, I surround myself with people who have good fashion, and when I head out shopping I don’t leave without them.

Basem built this look wearing: Enough shirt by Neon Denim, and a Neon denim black slim denim


Your professional business look is a reflection of how much you care about your career. It is very important to dress the part. Your business suit has to actually mean business. You can never be overdressed, but you can be underdressed. So, give a shit. The people in the room you want to impress the most, likely care about what they’re wearing.

Basem Business look

Basem built this look wearing: Lab Windowpane Suit, Horst White Dress Shirt, Gotstyle Brown Wool Tie, Ted Baker Dress Shoes


Basem WFH look

Cashmere cardigans. Heavyweight fleeces. Full-zip and pullover hoodies. Long-sleeve shirts. Short-sleeve crews. V-neck tees. Interval pants. Moccasin slippers. Casual crew socks. Even silk-piped pajamas. Work-from-home clothes can be stylish.

Basem built this look wearing: Poplin & Co Dragonfly Sweater, Burgundy Zanerobe Joggers, Gucci Shoes


For those days when I need to run errands, I like to be casual. I refuse to sacrifice comfort. Except I’ve learned how to do both the sleek way. Not the sloppy way. Jeans and chinos help in that department. They are so easy to run around in, making them super practical. Simple T-shirts and unrestrictive jackets, like a bomber, are also an easy-to-wear choice. Definitely.

Basem day duties look

Basem built this look wearing: Forty Weft - Hounds Tooth Pant, Original Copy Rock T-Shirt, Circolo Velvet Stretch Blazer


Be you. Just be stylish and simple, no matter what. I like smart casual. I like to aim for an appearance that’s more elevated than your usual casualwear, yet still relaxed and comfortable. To do this, I combine everyday garments with more sophisticated items. I also like dark colours. Never gone wrong with navy or charcoal. I also prefer subtle patterns over bold expressions. And I think slim-fit, tailored designs will work out… if you workout.

Basem night out look

Basem built this look wearing: John Varvatos Velvet Camo Blazer, Jack Victor Stretch Dress Pant, Eterna Navy Blue Performance Dress Shirt