3 types of Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are cool, warm, and stylish. But there are different types of bomber jackets that you must consider before you put one on. You have to asses the fit, fabric, and functionality of them. Now this is a personal opinion and food for thought so it's not the be all end all of style because that is unique to you. Maybe this blog will help you see clearly what kind of bomber you have, and wether or not you need another one. 

The lux bomber

The lux bomber

The lux bomber is your going out to a date bomber. You grab this bomber specifically because you and the jacket itself looks good. Your mission for the night is to get some stares and to look rich. These bombers are usually made with a fabric where the light reflects off of it and gives it a nice subtle shine. They are usually not the warmest of the three, but that's because it's more form fitting and made out of lighter materials. This type of bomber usually has some lustrous finishes with the hardware. 

The casual bomber 

The Casual bomber

This is probably the style that majority of us have. It's the classic bomber fit, not too form fitting, and not too showy when it comes to material and blinged out hardware. These are your everyday casual bombers because they are usually in a nice cozy wool blend of some sort, sometimes with cashmere or acrylic. Warm enough to wear during fall days and evening, but not too heavy where it will become a nuisance. You use these bombers for a more elevated casual look. It can really make you look effortless but still give off the vibe that you know how to style yourself than the other guys. Sometimes it has a nice added detail of patterns sewn onto it, like a go-to diamond pattern. 

The everyday bomber

The Everyday bomber

This if more of the practical and heavier ones of the three. Usually a bit more of a boxier fit which is great because you can layer and won't feel restricted. It's more heavier because there's more fabric because of the boxier fit, and sometimes the bombers are lined with a faux fur lining for added warmth.  Usually used until winter due to the fact that it keep you warm without being a puffer. These are a lot more casual because the fit, but they can still be stylish with how it looks. We have a great collection of these bombers that have that flannel pattern on it which is a fall go-to, and classic fall colours like green, and navy.

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