3 Tips for getting your wedding suit

Today we're going to show you three easy tips for finding a suit for your wedding day. These tips can apply to buying your first suit in general. But you should really use these tips for the big day.

Tip1. Buy. Don't rent. 

The first tip that I have for shopping for a suit for your wedding day is to buy, not rent. I always tell grooms if you're mature enough to get married, you're mature enough to own a suit. And that doesn't mean it has to be something that you can only wear once, like a bride's dress. Get 2 suits, one in charcoal and Navy, these are two suits that you can easily work back into your everyday wardrobe. They're appropriate for weddings, funerals, job interviews, and parties. They're suits that you'll wear 10 times over. The reason that I tell grooms to buy and not rent on their wedding day is because they're never going to get the fit that they're looking for. 
The jackets are going to be loose and baggy the pants sometimes have a drawstring, and do you want your boys in the same pants that another guy has had his boys in?

Tip 2. Don't let the suit 'bland you'

The second tip that I have for grooms is to let your personality shine. You don't have to look like the groom at the top of the cake. It's GOTSTYLE. We have a wide variety of accessories and suiting colors to fit your vision. Bow ties from Van Gils, pocket squares from Amanda Christensen, a Paisley tuxedo shirt from Duchamp and a floral lapel pin from Doro are all special little accessories that will help you stand out from other grooms and make your photos look extra special. Before you pick your accessories, you should pick your suit, from electric blue, burgundy, white linen, blue check Robin's egg, and a grey window pane. All of these different suiting fabrics are going to help you stand apart from every other groom that you see.

Tip 3. It's all about fit

My third and final tip is focusing on fit for your body. You've heard Melissa talk about it before. There's always great tailoring, but the first step is finding the right suit for you. I brought out a selection of tuxedos to show you the variety that we offer here at got style.

The first one that I want to start with is tiger. Sweden. It's cut for the guy. Who's a little bit leaner, but likes a little bit more of a trim suit. Like some more of a taper in the leg and trim this through the body.

The second tech I brought out here is without prejudice. It's still lean cut for a guy who's maybe a little bit broader. Can't fit into the tiger, but still wants something trim.

The third tuxedo I brought out is from Duchamp. It's for a guy who's a little bit fuller through the mid section, a little bit fuller through the glutes, fuller through the thighs. Great for our hockey players out there.

It's going to keep you looking classic and clean for years to come. The final tuxedo I brought out is Paul Bentley and the reason this is my final tuxedo is because it's a huge variety of bodies. This is the only suit at GOTSTYLE that we can sub out pants and jackets and give you that perfect fit. I can fit somebody in a 36 in this, and I can fit somebody in a 52 in this at a 750 price point. You can't go wrong keeping within that wedding budget. If you have more questions about our custom tailoring programs, you can see some examples, and FAQ's here, and if you just need some help with styling and off-the rack you can book a styling appointment here.